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Welcome to my little corner of SE Georgia!


If you're interested in relationships, families and faith, you've landed in the right place. Add a love for natural beauty and creative expression and you're my kind of folk. 


So what's going on with you today?  Are you experiencing upheaval in a job or relationship? Or maybe your life is feeling pretty ordinary and routine?  Either way, I hope whenever you stop by my blog you'll be encouraged by timeless treasures of grace and inspiration.  Come on over and let's chat a bit.


For as a Yankee who's lived 18 years in the Pacific Northwest, now transplanted to the South, I've had many years to sort out the life lessons of my travels.  On this site you'll hear my heart, and see the books and art I share with others.  Now, surrounded by lush palms, soothing beaches and lovely marshes, I've been given time to draw close to God and create.  

Pure and simple, I invite you to do the same!




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