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I love words!  Words are like pigment: colorful, emotional, complex or common.  They allow us to communicate our deepest thoughts and grant the sweetest blessings.  Their meaning and nuance delight me, so no wonder I labor as an author to share with you:  lessons learned and encouragement found.  Happy Reading!

The Mother Gap

When a daughter feels disconnected from her mother, her heart hurts. There is an empty spot, a gap, where love should be. Her heart cries out..."Mom, I need you!"

               "Aren't I good enought?"     "Won't you love me for who I am?"


These unresolved emotions set the course for all her relationships. Her need for affirm-ation affects her friendships, her marriage, her children and future generations. But there is ONE who can fill the hole in her heart and cover that gap. Jesus offers the emotional healing that makes connection possible. Especially for daughters wounded by their mothers, He becomes a bridge of forgiveness. This is Jessica's story, shared with candor and compassion. Despite enduring emotional abuse, she experienced the grace to keep reaching for her mother; grace only God could supply. 


This encouraging spiritual memoir includes personal application questions to prompt reflection and promote healthier relationships. Read how Jesus meets our heart's yearning for connection. He invites us to be free of resentment, bitterness and envy. 

Insights...Sensing God's Touch in Everyday Life


Are you experiencing upheaval in a job or relationship? On the other hand, does your life seem too ordinary and routine?  Either way, God desires for you to sense His presence. He longs to teach you eternal lessons every day. Could you use a little more gratefulness, forgiveness, or perseverance?


In this compilation of essays, written for the Religion Column of the Tribune & Georgian newspaper, Author Jessica Errico invites you to seek God's heart.  Her insights, gleaned during a time of transition, are bound to encourage your own faith walk.


Grandpa's Magical Accordion


There's definitely something magical about Grandpa's accordion!

In this whimsical tale of family love and international travel, young and old will be delighted by the colorful illustrations and toe-tapping music CD.


While Grandpa plays his accordion, Tommy and Emma visit the countries in Grandpa's songs by looking at the special Book of Places. Join them as they magically leave the music room to experience the sights and sounds of Rome, Paris, Prague, the Mexican pyramids and the moon!  For ages 2-92.

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