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Walking in the Spirit

Sometimes you just know you have divine help. I mean, when you say or do something beautiful that you hadn't planned, you can’t help but sense a godly assist. I delight when I perceive the Holy Spirit’s work in my life. How about you?

Often it involves remembering something as I rush out of the house on an errand, maybe something as simple as checking for my cell phone. Or all of a sudden changing my mind about which shoes to wear, and ending up very grateful for the switch. Other times it’s a thought (or direction) to reach out to someone I didn’t know needed encouragement, but the Holy Spirit did and prompts me to pick up the phone or write a letter.

I distinctly remember the first time this happened to me because I was on a ladder! With paint roller extended to the ceiling, I was painting blue sky and white clouds high above the crib in the nursery. Out of nowhere came the strong impression to call a friend. Making a mental note I proceeded with my painting, but the urging wouldn’t quit. So I stopped, climbed down the rungs and went downstairs to find the phone. Once I heard my friend’s despondent voice on the other end, it was obvious she really needed support that day. Wow. I had been minding my own business, oblivious to a dear one’s crisis, until the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart. He knew I could meet a need and prompted me to act.

The Bible is full of encouragement to be filled with the Spirit. For those of us who trust in Jesus as our Savior, the Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts. He longs to direct our thinking and actions so we live lives that bless God and others. Check out Paul’s writing on the Spirit in Chapter 8 of Romans. I find it helpful and inspiring to read a biblical passage in several different versions. For instance, Romans 8:10-16 teaches about how living in the Spirit confirms we are God’s children and able to call Him “Abba” or “Daddy.” In The Message paraphrase, verse 14 reads: “God's Spirit beckons. There are things to do and places to go!” What a precious invitation to live by the Spirit’s calling.

Do you remember the 2007 Oscar winning, Disney animated film, “Ratatouille”? It is about an unlikely chef guided to create sumptuous meals by a little rat who directs him like a marionette. Named Remy, the little rat steers the human by pulling on his hair while hiding under his chef hat. Farfetched and whimsical, the relationship between these two main characters (one directing and the other implementing) reminds me of the joy I have following the Spirit’s leading…there is nothing like it.

At a recent gathering I started to have a negative reaction to a comment made by a new friend. She likes to tease and sometimes defaults to sarcasm. My natural reaction was to withdraw and tune her out, but suddenly I found myself asking for clarification with gentleness and sincerity. Her positive response to my tender probe preserved a budding relationship rather than leaving me feeling isolated and her clueless. That was the Holy Spirit's doing.


(Photo by Carol Miles)

Walking in the Spirit by listening for His cues brings a fullness to life we can’t experience on our own. So listen up and obey because you’ll be blessed!

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