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Blue Hair Glam (a la Dr. Seuss)

Gram I Am. I Am Gram. Use my name and just add Gram.

Cita-Gram is my full name, grandsons -

The hug’s the same, and so is the Fun!

You boys are my heart, the moon and the sun.

You’ve called me Cita all these years,

I visit from Georgia to stop my tears,

I’ll always be your Grandma, no fears!

So, do you like my Blue Hair Glam?

“We do not like your Blue Hair Gram.

Blonde we like, but Blue’s a slam.

Why do you call your hair, 'Blue Glam'?”

Don’t you know, can’t you see?

A Cita-Gram must also be … Glam-or-ous!

Lipstick and Blue hair make me Grand.

“But we do not like your Blue Hair Glam,

We think that hair is for someone named Pam!

Just forget the color and come and play,

Let’s do puzzles and watch movies all day.

Then come with us to the field below,

Push the swings and watch us GO….

Or ride your scooter up the drive

And give us a lift ‘til dinner-time.”

Okay Grandsons, I’ll do just that!

But better watch out…

'Cuz, in the wind - my Blue Hair Glam

Will tickle your chinny, chin, chin!

How about THAT?

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